Aozame Tamerei
Height 5'8" (172cm)
Weight 126 lbs (57kg)
Blood Type A+
Professional Status
Affiliation Seireitei
Previous Affiliation Shin'ō Academy
Position 4th Division 3rd Seat
Previous Position 1st Division 4th Seat
Division 4th Division
Previous Division 1st Division
Partner None
Previous Partner None
Base of Operations 4th Division Barracks
Shikai Kaiyoku (海翼, Ocean Wing)
Bankai Not Yet Obtained
Specialization N/A
Attack 60/70
Health 1500
Defence 50
Reiatsu 55/65
Reiryoku 50
Speed 65/65
Zanjutsu 13
Hakuda 2
Hohō 9
Kidō 6
Perks Forceful Blows

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Character DetailsEdit

Name: Aozame Tamerei (青鮫霊紫)

Height: 5’ 8”

Weight:  126 lbs

Eyes: Dark Purple-Red

Hair: Brown

Complexion: Light Gentle Tan

Appearance, Shikai appearance

Zanpakuto: Kaiyoku (海翼, Ocean Wing) Zanpakuto Spirit, Inner World

In the sealed state Kaiu looks like a typical katana, with a grey blue tsuka. The tsuba is oval shaped and has a wing on the left side of the blade, and a wave on the right side of the blade.

The length is 35”(89 cm), and the tsuka is 17”(43 cm).

Release Command: Doshaburi(土砂降り, Downpour)Shikai Appearance

In the released state, Kaiu becomes a longbow, it fires golden tipped arrows, that he pulls from a quiver strapped to his hip, that seems to have an endless number of arrows. The bow is a dark blue, and has a draconic wing motif.

Ability 1: Taifū (台風, Hurricane), Aozame fires a rapid succession of arrows that creates a large blast of water that spins like a drill as it advances toward the target spinning rapidly. The rotation of the water happens at speeds that make the water razor sharp. Aozame can coat his arrows in these turbulent waters to causing the arrows to deal more damage. This attack deals 100 additional damage on a 2 turn cooldown shared with Shigure.

Ability 2: Shigure (時雨, Drizzle), by pooling water from the air around the tip of an arrow, Aozame can fire a horizontal rain of water to sooth most injuries, and accelerate healing. By mixing this water with his own reiatsu, Aozame can provide fast healing for even major wounds.  The Arrow heals for 100 damage instead of dealing extra damage. 2 turn shared cooldown with Taifū.

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