Azumi Haruko is the current Lieutenant of the 12th Division as well as the director of the Intelligence and Recon. division of the SRDI.



Azumi Haruko
Race Shinigami
Birthday August 8th, 1640
Gender Female
Height 5'11"
Weight 120lbs
Blood Type Chlorophyll
Professional Status
Affiliation Seireitei
Previous Affiliation Haruko Clan
Position Lieutenant
Previous Position 3rd Seat
Division 12th Division
Previous Division 2nd Division
Partner Sumiko Hadashi
Previous Partner Lorcian Kobyashi
Base of Operations 12th Division Barracks
Shikai Jumyō o Tōketsu
Bankai Hikari no Jiyu
Specialisation Tactician
Attack 60
Defence 60
Reiatsu 40
Zanjutsu 15
Hakuda 5
Hohō 10
Kidō 0
Perks Rieryoku boost

Appearance and Personality Edit

She is 5'11", she has long black hair, usually pinned up (see picture to the right) hair, black Aizen style glasses, D-cup sized breasts, brownish-green eyes, she wears a regular shihaksho but usually wears a haori style white lab coat with her lieutenant's badge usually around her neck.


She's kind, laid back, and beyond intelligent. She has a *very* strong maternal instinct. She is usually making jokes, but has a very, very strong sense of duty when the situation arises.

Plot and BackstoryEdit

Changing it a bit. Will update laterEdit


(Disregard the ones to the right)

Lieutenant: 35 skill points, 300 stat points

Zanjutsu: 15

Hakuda: 1

Kido: 4

Hoho: 15


Health: 1590

Attack: 60/60/60

Defense: 60/60/60

Reiatsu: 80/80/80

Reiryoku: 30/30/30

Speed: 70/90/144


constant/shikai and bankai

Juggernaunt charge (pass) and 10k Blocks (skill)/ swift strikes (pass)

Kido spells:







Tsuzuri Raiden


Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Jumyō o Tōketsu

Sealed: an Unohana style nodachi.

Realeased: (See picture)

Release command: "Pierce," or "Fly."


1. Her zanpakuto's main ability is complete control over all water in the atmosphere, in the form of ice. She can spawn and manipulate ice in whatever way she sees fit.

When her shikai is not released, she can manipulate ice in non-combat ways. Making things like cups, chairs, cooling down liquids like tea, etc.


2. She can heal anyone's injuries by conducting reishi into the ice; then freezing the point of injury. Heals 50 points per use. Cooldown: 3

Azumi's shikai

Azumi's shikai.


Hikari no Jiyu.

She drops her sword, and it sinks into the ground. It begins to snow heavily. Water, and most other liquids all across the Soul Society begin to cool and freeze due to the extreme cold of her bankai.

A moment after her sword sinks, a circular platform rises from under her. It extends 100 feet up, and is 300 meters in diameter. A moment after that, 60 story tall ice pillars descend from the sky surrounding the platform. A MOMENT AFTER THAT, a roof forms from the pillars. From the platform, smaller pillars a meter in diameter and a meter apart appear from the platform. She spawns a nodachi to use as a weapon.

The ice can not be broken or melted.


In the bankai, Azumi can move around inside the ice. Moving out of it to surpise attack the enemy. She can attack while still inside the ice. 30% buff to speed due to confusion.

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