Race Hybrid Shinigami/Arrancar
Gender Male
Height 5'0"
Professional Status
Affiliation N/A
Partner Lorcian Kouyou (Creator/Mother)

Valmont Amotinarsé (Father)

Shikai 竜牙 Ryūge (Dragon fang)
Bankai Ressurection: Escalas de fuego (Scales of Fire)
Specialisation Instinctual Warrior
Attack 40
Defence 40
Reiatsu 20
Zanjutsu 6
Hakuda 10
Hohō 5
Kidō 4


Name: Caesar

Position: N/a

Sex: Male

Height: 5'0"

Hair: Deep brunette, always messy

Eye Color: Steel blue


Looks Description

Reiryoku Color: White lined with light blue.

Personality: Caesar is cocky, rebellious and boisterous, he enjoys playing tricks on people and regularly hides Lorcian's notes.

Zanpakuto - 竜牙 Ryūge (Dragon fang)Edit


Release: 噛む Kamu (Bite) Ryūge (Dragon fang)

In Shikai his blade transforms into Dragon claw gauntlets.

フューリースラッシュ Fu~yūrīsurasshu (Fury Swipe)

He charges the gauntlets with reiatsu fire and slashes them at his opponant, causing greater damage.

大火 Taika (Conflagration)

Caesar concentrates a fireball in his hand and pushes it into his target, he cannot shoot this, so he must be melee range.

Ressurection: Escalas de fuego (Scales of Fire)Edit

In ressurection Caesar's mask appears, it is delicate dragon scales covering most of his body, over his mouth a dragons jaw forms.

Colmillo ráfaga puño (Burst Fang Fist)

Caesar unleashes a flurry of punches with great force.

Mandíbulas de trituración (Crushing Jaws)

A large fire Dragon jaw appears around Caesar as he punches his target, the jaws clamping down as his punch hits.

Stats - New systemEdit

(Shikai) [Ressurecion]

Attack: 80 (100) [100]

Defence: 80 (80) [90]

Reiatsu: 40 (40) [40]

Reiryoku: 40 (40) [40]

Speed: 50 (50) [50]

Zanjutsu: 6

Zando: 6

Hakuda: 13

Hakuei: 9

Hoho: 2


Health: 1570 (1670) [1730]

Skill Perk: Edit


 Powerful Counter, after the user has blocked or countered a physical attack they add .25 per DEF stat point to their ATK stat on their next melee attack.


Armed 'Guard '(T1), when you make a counter attack through whatever means, or make a melee attack the turn you are hit with a melee attack you can make a counter that deals normal damage in addition to your Hakuei skill. ATK + Hakuda + Hakuei

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