Citsumi Kasumki
Race Vizard
Gender Female
Height 5'8"
Professional Status
Affiliation 要素 Yōso
Base of Operations Unknown
Attack 80
Health 2,630
Defence 60
Reiatsu 170
Reiryoku 70
Speed 120
Zanjutsu 14
Hakuda 10
Hohō 11
Kidō 15


Name: Citsumi kasumki

Sex: Female

Height: 5'8"

Hair: Short black pigtails.

Eye Color: Blue

Affiliation要素 Yōso

Mask: Skull over the top half of her head, down to the top jaw


Looks Description: Citsumi wears generally dark clothes and wears red jewellry.

Reiryoku Color: Deep purple

Personality: She cares very little for her siblings though is loyal to them because of the bond they share. She stays calm constantly nothing seems to enrage her.

Zanpakuto - 精神呼 Seishin ko (Spirit call)Edit


In shikai she wields a decorates polearm.

Release: 泣く Naku (Cry)

'精神キャノン 'Seishin Kyanon (Spirit Cannon)Edit

Citsumi holds her polearm out horizontally in front of her and charges a cero like reiatsu blast. Upon using the command, サーチ Sāchi (Search) a ball of dense reiatsu at the target, homing towards them.

魂ストライク Tamashī sutoraiku (Soul Strike)Edit

she points her polearm out in front of her and 10 balls of like appear in a circle around her vertically, she then fires them consentrating them at her target.

Bankai - 天的羽毛 Ten-teki umō (Heavenly feather)Edit

In Bankai she grows spirit wings from her back.

'天の雨 'Ten no ame (Rain of Heaven)

Feathers begin to slowly fall from the sky, shimmering as they fall, they are sparse but fall slowly and evenly, making moveing difficult as upon enemy contact they explode brightly and destructively.

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