Race Hybrid Shinigami/Arrancar
Gender Female
Height 2'5"
Professional Status
Affiliation N/A
Partner Lorcian Kouyou (Creator)

Sinsenza Stabille (Father)

Shikai 暗物 Anbutsu (Dark matter)
Bankai Ressurection: Vuela con la oscuridad (Fly with the dark)
Specialisation Intellectual Tactician
Attack 35
Defence 35
Reiatsu 35
Zanjutsu 10
Hakuda 2
Hohō 10
Kidō 3


Name: Colomba

Position: N/a

Sex: Female

Height: 2'5

Hair: Long, black, hangs over her face.

Eye Color: Lilac


Looks Description: She wears lolita style dresses and her hair draped down with small bunches.

Reiryoku Color: Lilac

Personality: She is extreamely shy and quiet, and timidly sticks by Lorcian, when she can, rarely leaving her side, except to see her father, Sinsenza Stabille.

Zanpakuto - 暗物 Anbutsu (Dark matter)Edit


Releaseを吐 Bōgenwohaku (Lash out) 暗物''' Anbutsu (Dark matter)

Ressurection: Vuela con la oscuridad (Fly with the dark)Edit

In ressurection Colomba grows huge black wings, her eyes become cerulean and her speed increases.

Stats - New systemEdit

(Shikai) [Ressurecion]

Attack: 40 (40) [40]

Defence: 40 (40) [40]

Reiatsu: 100 (120) [120]

Reiryoku: 40 (40) [40]

Speed: 70 (70) [70]

Zanjutsu: 6

Zando: 6

Hakuda: 3

Hakuei: 2

Hoho: 9


Health:  () []

Skill Perk: Edit



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