Name: Conall Ishimitu

Position: 6th seat of Division 12

Sex: Male

Height: 6' 4

Hair: Black flat hair that falls to his shoulders.

Eyes: Dark blue, they have a distinct look of sadness within them.

Reiryoku colour: Blood Red

Personality: Conall puts on a good facade when he is around people, he acts happy and outgoing, however really he is quite solem, his zanpakuto is a huge burden upon him. Conall is actually much smarter than he lets on, and is secretly looking for an extreme regeneration potion.


Zanpakuto name: Shiro Ibishi

Shikai: "Let the blood flow, Shiro."

Zanpakuto description in Shikai: Upon going into shikai Conall's zanpakuto becomes thinner and a bit longer. Also a long thin tube can be seen down the middle of it.

Power: Conall's zanpakuto has the ability to absorb his own blood when he cuts himself (not the opponent). This blood can then be controlled by Conall to be turned into bullets, wires etc and as a last resort a shield. The downfall to this is that obviously he only has a limited amount of blood. The most powerful offensive move he can do with this is "Blood Lance" Where the blood takes the form of a lance point and can be sent flying at enemies, this can be reform and remade however requires a lot of blood. This ability is a very high risk vs a very high reward type. Also he does feel pain when he cuts himself.



80       20        25

Zan 1

Hak 15

Hho 5

Kdo 4

Perks: Ikkotsu

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