1st Division Insignia

No special duties have been noted for the 1st Division.

The First Division is ranked highest among the 13 Divisions. Even subordinate members of the First Division are considered model Shinigami. Emergencies must be dealt with swiftly; quick decisions and quick actions are essential.

he division is able to ascertain a situation and mobilize quickly even before an order is issued. That is the true value of the First Division.

Being accepted to the First Division is a great honor. Those accepted are expected to be seen as great leaders and serve as examples for the other divisions.

The First Division's Barracks also house stone saunas.


Captain: Makato Kiyoshi /u/GWilson1297

Lieutenant: Tira Himura /u/Smartio

3rd seat: Aozame Tamerei /u/Sturdybody

4th seat: Ashiya Akuryou /u/stud6988

5th seat: 

6th seat 

7th seat:   

Former MembersEdit

Name Position
Lorcian Kobayashi Lieutenant
Shin Kobayashi Lieutenant

Squad InformationEdit

Theme Song:




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