10th Division Insignia

While we accept applications from anyone interested and review all types of Shinigami equally, Squad 10 is primarily interested in quick, intelligent warriors who aren't afraid to add a little flash to their Bankai or utilize Kido in their battle stratagies. Kido type Zanpakuto are encouraged.

Squad 10 is committed to the continued eradication of the Hollow threat and the complete and total annihilation of the Arrancars. So long as even one Arrancar draws breath, the Seireitei is never safe.

We will accomplish our goals in two ways:

  1. Patrols through the world of the living and around the Soul Society. We would assign lower ranking members to these.

  2. Raids conducted in Hueco Mundo itself. Due to recent advances in Garganta technology, I believe it possible to send raiding parties of high ranking squad members into the white sands or the menos forest with the objective of killing as many Hollows and/or Arrancars as possible. These wouldn't be for the faint of heart, and they are extremely high risk. But I hear the ladies love a brave warrior...just sayin'...

  3. We have established numerous units within our Squad, each headed by an officer. These are including but not limited to the Squad 10 Kido Corps, the Squad 10 Stealth/Recon unit, the Squad 10 Combat/Raiding unit, and the Squad 10 Education unit.

On a lighter note, the social atmosphere is great, we have a hot tub in the Squad lounge, the minibar is open for Squad members, Rangiku spends a lot of time around here, and the sound system plays Def Leppard 24/7! That about wraps it up, take care y'all.

Squad 10: Honor, Duty, Victory


Captain:   Hisao Ibarazaki /u/BaconofWar

Lieutenant: Kimiko "Panda" /u/TheLaughingPanda

3th seat: Ryuuma Mifune  /u/Blademaster247

4th seat: Hiroku Shikuga  /u/shikuga-hiroku

5th seat:  OPEN

Squad InformationEdit

Theme Song: White Lightning by Def Leppard. Alternatively, Asian Hooker by Steel Panther. Depends on the mood really.

Pokemon: Blaziken. This is not up for debate.

Mascot: The Mighty Kamina!

Bar and Grill: The Slippery Swimsuit.

Least Favorite Food: Mangos. Fuck Mangos.

Favorite Movie: Black Dynamite.

Best Rap-Metal Song: There are no good rap metal songs.

Motto: "Why the fuck not."

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