11th Division Insignia


Captain:  Higosha Benteki /u/tacohell

Lieutenant: Oreki Tadakuni /u/Deanoskep

3rd seat: Unoccupied

4th seat: Torin Yakasha /u/Torin_Yakasha

5th seat: Unoccupied

6th seat: Unoccupied

7th seat: Unoccupied

8th seat: Unoccupied

9th seat: Hayate /u/_hayate_ Probatiton

10th seat: Senshi Ketsueki  /u/SenshiKetsueki Probation

Squad InformationEdit

Theme Song: Indestructible by Disturbed 

Pokemon: Primape

Mascot: Wolverine. 

Motto: "If violence doesn't slove all of your problems, you must not be using enough." -Higosha Banteki

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