13th Division Insignia
Traditionally, Squad Thirteen used to be the Cuddly Squad, something enacted during the Captaincy of Jushiro Ukitake by his then-Lieutenant Bveress .  After Captain Ukitake's retirement and Bveress' promotion, the tradition continued until the Captain's betrayal.  Afterwards, the squad took up the position as the Cooking Squad, and later took on the title as the Human Resources Department, with the current Captain Hinata Matsuo as its head.  


Captain:  Hinata Matsuo /u/chickwith2dicks

Lieutenant: Rukia Kuchiki /u/Rukia_Kuchiki

3rd seat:  Yoshito Tanaka /u/jcsa7x

4th seat: Ben Vanderbergerk /u/Bveress

5th seat: Reikaizo Yonta /u/AnthoniusGazz

6th seat 

7th seat:   

8th seat: 

9th seat: 

10th seat: 

Squad InformationEdit

Theme Song: I Walk Beside You

Pokemon: Ninetales

Mascot: Chappy

Motto: "A full bottle of water is better than an empty one"

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