We value discretion.

2nd Division Insignia


Captain     (Executive Militia Commander):       Jentoru Hayato   /u/godsrequiem

Lieutenant (Patrol Corps Commander):            Kagechi Yorutora  /u/Amuzani_egak

3rd seat    (Detention Unit Commander):          Ryouichi Gensai  /u/DrCrawdad

4th seat    (Sabotage Squadron Commander):  Kazuma Kuayumi  /u/jokester4life

5th seat:  ( Inner Court Troup Commander):  Kurono Hayashi  /u/Zanjitsu_Master

6th seat 

7th seat:   

8th seat: 

9th seat: 

10th seat:

Former MembersEdit

Name Rank
Makato Kiyoshi Lieutenant
Shin Kobayashi 4th Seat

Squad InformationEdit

Theme Song: 13th Dilemma (

Digimon: Beezlemon

Mascot: A very elegant black cat.

Motto: No motto, unless being silent is a motto.

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