There are no special assignments for Squad 3 within the Gotei 13. There have been no changes in the leadership 

3rd Division Insignia

of Squad 3 since its incorporation, Yukimura Raidon being captain the whole time, even though he is consid ered a junior captain, which he is still pissed about. There has also been no changes in lieutenants, Korren being the  lieutenant the whole time. However, Squad 3 has had problems with the loss of members. 

Squad 3 has no special requirements to join the squad. All are accepted. 


Captain:  Yukimura Raidon /u/SaKage96

Lieutenant: Korren Yashwaii /u/Darkbeast36

3rd seat: Johann Roen /u/jetman209

4th seat:  Kenji Owakosu /u/bfmv24

5th seat:  Rin Ikari /u/DSV686

6th seat  

7th seat:   

8th seat: 

9th seat: 

10th seat: 

Squad InformationEdit

Pokemon: Mukrow

Mascot: Black Crow                                           
Crow by caligis

Squad Mascot

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