5th Division Insignia

World of the Living Ambassadors/ Human Realm Task Force We are in charge of all matters pertaining t

he physical realm ie. bestowing substitute shinigami badges and hollow extermination. Our 

key strength is jack of trades. Even those not in squad 5 can apply to this at HRTF[1] thread.

This squad's main ideals are loyalty and soul. We embody these ideals with our every action and stand by our mates no matter what.

Our color is Crimson, strong, powerful and reflective of our loyalty ideals.

We are the Soul Society Elite, we are the soul of the Seiretei, we are the 5th Division!


Captain:  Aethos Kurumada /u/Aethos

Lieutenant: Yuu Katsumi /u/ricoshea

3rd seat: Vacant

4th seat: Hibōkine Shisha /u/Hibokine_Shisha

5th seat:

6th seat 

7th seat:   

8th seat: 

9th seat:

10th seat: 

Former MembersEdit

Name Position
Shinya Tsubasa Lieutenant

Squad InformationEdit

Theme Song:

Pokemon: Arcanine

Mascot: Alfred, Kurumada Manor's butler


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