6th Division Insignia

Squad 6 is famously known as the model squad, with its loyal members and strict following of rules. It is also custom for a member of the Kuchiki clan to be a seated officer in this squad.

Current SeatsEdit

Captain:  Nikorasu Akimoto /u/darthnick426

Lieutenant: Jeisen Tabibito  /u/Bit_of_a_longshot

3rd seat: Miyuki Kohana /u/miyuki_kohana

4th seat: Hoshiro Junomaru /u/Pride_Incarnate

5th seat: Kai Nagatori /u/UnicornGundam

6th seat:

7th seat:   

8th seat: 

9th seat: 

10th seat: 

Former MembersEdit

Name Position
Haruki Kasai 4th Seat
Kokishin Nengen 3rd Seat
Shigeru Funaki Lieutenant
Cameron Kuchiki 3rd Seat

Squad InformationEdit

Theme Song: Mr. Blobby

Pokemon: Charizard

Mascot: Denzel Washington

Motto: "Honour and Glory"

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