9th Division Insignia
This division is in charge of  the Seireitei magazine (Seireitei Communication), and, more importantly, Security of the Seireitei.

"What I'm looking for in this division is loyalty and skill. Sure, artistic taste and skill is a plus; but if you have loyalty and skill, you're always welcome in 9th." Haruki Kasai, Ex-Captain of the 9th Division.


Captain: Sora "Kat" Katsumi-Hayato /u/katsumisora

Lieutenant: Yoshiko Nakahara /u/BlackIcee

3rd seat: Suzaku Inuri /u/HiddenDoor

4th seat: Fuuga "Chain Drinker" Hamasaki /u/FuugaHamasaki

5th seat: Kenji Maeda  /u/Barbed_Flamingo_Cock

6th seat: 

7th seat:   

8th seat: 

9th seat: 

10th seat:

Former MembersEdit

Name Position
Haruki Kasai


Xeyj Sakeme Captain
Yamashita Ritsu 3rd Seat
Renka Muguruma 4th Seat

Squad InformationEdit

Area of juristiction: Great Britain.

Theme Song: Invaders Must Die - The Prodigy

Pokemon: Butterfree

Mascot: Tony 'Iron Man' Stark

Motto: 'Not on our watch!'

Colour: Emerald

Flower: White Poppy

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