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DoT's appearance. Yes, that is GLaDOS. Shut up.

DoT is Squad 12's artificial intelligence. Designed and built by Dr. Azumi Haruko. 


DoT began as a simple software function to simulate the results of combinations of different elements on the periodic table; when the software began to evolve on its own to suit different functions, Azumi came upon the idea of an artifical intelligence. 

Dubbed "PROJECT: Enrichment," Azumi began by building a super computer capable of comprehending a brain. DoT has 300,000 100GHZ processors, each cooled with liquid nitrogen. She has 100,000,000 Gigabytes of RAM, she has a 4,000,000,000,000 terabyte harddrive. As well as 1500 graphics processing cores. Everything, cooled by liquid nitrogen.

To create the intelligence, Azumi cloned her own brain using a memory transfusion-backup method. She literally hooked up her brain to a computer and pressed copy paste. DoT is *exactly* like Azumi in terms of personallity and general knowledge. Being an unshackled AI, however, DoT has the ability to increase her knowledge bank beyond that of what Azumi knows. Regardless, she is exactly like Azumi in everything but appearance.

She exists primarily for security and data access. As well as companionship. She is as much a member of Squad 12 as Azumi or Kokishin. 

She also does have feelings. So don't be mean to her. She *will* kill you.


As stated above, she exists primarily for ease of access with Squad 12's vast databases as well as the UDB (to an extent). As well as provide companionship.

Communication NodesEdit

DoT has created and controls 1,536,845 owl shaped communication nodes. The main body of the "Swarm" is housed in a large room called "The nest." Their primary function is to communicate with DoT anytime, anywhere. They are used to meet people at the door, and to fend off intruders. They can fly at speed up to 600KPH and have multiple different lazer weapons. They are made of a carbon-fibre nanotube structure. They do not house any information in the nodes. They have a kenetic barrier capable of absorbing most attacks.

There is an owl in every room, hallway, lab, bathroom, what have you. They can detect anything that moves in the room/hallway. Period. It is impossible to move through the SRDI labs, Squad 12 labs/barracks undetected. IMPOSSIBLE. COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE. UNDER-FUCKING-STAND?


They are Portal style turrets. She can deploy them in any part of the SRDI labs, Squad 12 labs and barracks on a moments notice.


There are multiple models of heavy, light, and recon mechs that she uses for their functions.



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