Fuuga Hamasaki
Birthday September 16th
Gender Male
Height 5'8"
Weight 230Lbs
Blood Type B+
Professional Status
Affiliation Gotei 13, 9th division
Position 4th Seat
Previous Position N/A
Division 9th
Previous Division N/A
Partner N/A
Previous Partner N/A
Base of Operations Seireitei, Squad 9 barracks
Shikai kusari no kyoubou
Bankai N/A
Specialization N/A
Attack 75
Defence 55
Reiatsu 30
Reiryoku 40
Speed 75
Zanjutsu 15
Hakuda 4
Hohō 10
Kidō 1
Perks N/!


Name: Fuuga "Chain Drinker" Hamasaki 

Position: 4th Seat of Squad 9

Sex: Male

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 230Lbs

Hair: relatively long Chestnut-colored hair with a ponytail at the back and a long beard.

Eye Color: Brown


Looks Description: 5’8”, stocky and built like a weight-lifter. Fuuga takes pride in his physique, more because it marks his actual strength, than how it makes him look. While his body is trained and well-maintained, the same cannot be said of his hair. With one look, one can tell that he hasn’t had a blade near to his head (barring work of course) in some time. His shaggy brown hair reaches just past his shoulders, a ponytail hanging off the back of his head, likely to be forgotten. His face is half-covered by a massive chestnut wall of beard that reaches down to the top of his chest. The rest of his face is a mix of flat features excluding a larger than average nose and a pair of brown eyes.

Reiryoku Color: Orange

Personality: Fuuga is a loud, boisterous individual with the exceptional ability to see the fun in any situation. He has an “appreciation” for alcohol of any kind, often “appreciating” it in copious quantities while off-duty. Or on-duty, it doesn’t matter to him. When the time for drinking ends and the time for fighting inevitably arrives, Fuuga could be described quite easily as a “boisterous brawler”, choosing to fight haphazardly, with little rhyme or reason, relying more on instinct than tactics, which meshes well with his strength and speed, making him difficult to predict.

Hobbys/Interests: Drinking, Drunken revelry, Aimless wandering, and cooking.

Zanpakuto - Kusari no KyoubouEdit

Inner WorldEdit

Kusari no Kyoubou's inner world is a pirate-cove hidden inside of a massive cave with an abandoned pirate ship anchored within.


Release: "Hold against the Tides"

Ability 1Edit

Living Chain: The entire length of the chain is prehensile, able to twist and turn at Fuuga’s command, whether it be around corners, or around people.

Ability 2Edit

Hook: An octagonal weight at one end has the ability to adhere to most surfaces at will, and remains fixed to the surface until it is detached willingly, or dislodged by force.

Bankai - NoneEdit

Bankai Ability


Pre-Gotei 13Edit

History as a ShinigamiEdit


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