Hine Kobayashi
Race Shinigami
Gender Male
Height 3'2"
Professional Status
Affiliation Seireitei
Partner Lorcian Kouyou (Mother)

Shin Kobayashi (Father)

Tsukine Kobayashi (Sister)

Shikai Shakunetsu no taiyō (Blazing sun)
Specialisation Neutral
Attack 50
Defence 20
Reiatsu 30
Zanjutsu 8
Hakuda 5
Hohō 9
Kidō 3


Name: Hine Kobayashi

Position: N/a

Sex: Male

Height: 3'2"

Hair: Red and oragne

Eye Color: Golden yellow


Looks Description: Flaming red hair, with caramel coloured flecks running through it. Golden orange eyes with specks of green in them.

Reiryoku Color: Orange

Personality: Hine is louder than his sister, and often takes charge. He tries to protect her and doesnt mind her sticking with him constantly.

Zanpakuto - Shakunetsu no taiyō (Blazing sun)Edit


Release: Flare up Shakunetsu no taiyō

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