Hyoudou Issei
Race Shinigami
Birthday December 21
Gender Male
Height 6'1
Weight 240 lbs
Blood Type O-
Professional Status
Affiliation Squad 8
Previous Affiliation none
Position Lieutenant
Previous Position Third Seat
Division 8th Division
Previous Division N/A
Partner Rukia Kuchiki
Previous Partner N/A
Base of Operations Seireitei
Shikai Ryu no Ikari
Bankai Arekuruu Doragon no Chikara
Attack 80
Defence 80
Reiatsu 30
Reiryoku 80
Speed 30
Zanjutsu 1
Hakuda 15
Hohō 15
Perks armed guard, Spirit armor,(shikai) powerful counter


Name Hyuoduo issei

Position: leutenent

Sex: male

Height: 6,1

Hair: short and brown

Eye Color: green


Looks Description: 6,1 muscular dragon tattoo on right arm that wraps around and ends on the left leg.

Reiryoku Color: red or glacier blue

Personality: laid back

Hobbys/Interests: drinking, pokemon, and hollow hunting

==Zanpakuto - Name== ryu no ikari

===Inner World=== mountainous area with volcanoes to the south and snow covered peaks to the north


Release:  stand your ground ryu no ikari! Fire and ice rise around me for a few seconds until the armor takes shape. The armor is whitish blue with a red helmet in the shape of a dragons head. The red part continues down my back covering the spine more than the rest

====Ability 1==== dragon's claw a small dragon made of either fire or ice appears on one hand to power up an attack

Ability 2Edit

Dragon's wall. A wall of ice or fire appears in front of me to block attacks and impend my enemies movement. The ice can be used to hold a foe in place and the fire can be used to burn a foe

===Bankai - Name=== Arekuruu doragon no chikara (not achieved)

Bankai Ability


Pre-Gotei 13Edit

Born in the Rukon district he revived his zanpakuto as a young boy from a dying shinigami who asked him to learn the zanpakuto's name for him. He learned it's name and then joined the gotie 13 after fulfilling his promise to do so.

History as a ShinigamiEdit

Started out in squad 8 as an unseated officer but rose quickly due to his defensive abilities. Was made third seat less than 3 years after joining and was Leutenent not long after due to previous leutenent Nanao Ise's sudden decision to join the Kido corps.


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