Jentoru Hayato
Race Caucasion
Birthday Remember remember the 8th of September
Gender Male
Height 5' 10
Weight 175
Blood Type AB+
Professional Status
Affiliation Onmitsukido
Position Captain
Division 2nd division
Partner Sora 'Kat' Katsumi-Hayato (wife)
Shikai To kage ishi Kurōru: And shadows will crawl
Bankai Kage ishi Jōshō::Shadows will rise
Specialisation Stealth
Attack 70
Defence 50
Reiatsu 100
Zanjutsu 15
Hakuda 0
Hohō 15
Kidō 15
Perks Reiatus boostx1

Jentoru is captain of the 2nd squad and is a 23 man year old man that stands at 5'10" and weighs around 176. He has shaggy black hair that is perpetually messy. His face is criss crossed with scars from former battles. Probably his most distinguishing characteristic is that his eyes are completely different colors, with his left eye being a light blue and his right being a dark brown.  He is a friendly captain that is calm to the point of seeming like he almost isn't paying attention, a friendly person he hates to be forced to choose a side in a spat. Once he is put into a combat situation his personality changes and he becomes very focused. Dresses like a normal captain. He is married Sora 'Kat' Katsumi-Hayato who is the captain of the ninth squad.


Zanpakuto and abilitiesEdit

Reiatsu: Light shadowy tendrils that flow around him.

Blade Name : Yami Jōshō - Darkness Rising

Appearance: [2] A long sword with shadows swirling around it

Shikai: To Kage no Hau: And shadows will crawl-- Yami causes it's wielder to radiate unnatural shadow from his person..remaining and expanding on the very ground he walks on.


Kage Seigyo: Shadow Control-- Yami's wielder gains the ability to control and manipulate shadow at will. The various applications of this are extremely variable, but have their limits.

[3] Like this (Under applications give ideas of what I can do however, can use nothing bulleted under absorb/merge shadow, can create shadow but only a few meters diameter of such at a time, no light absorption, no flight)

Shōjiru watashi no kage : Arise my shadow--Yami's wielder's shadow gains substance and becomes sentient. He has his own shadow sword and attacks with all it's owners stats. It ceases to be simply a shadow, so effects like brilliant blasts of light or darkness covering it will not dispel it. Jentoru may swap positions with this living shadow at any time. If destroyed reverts back to Jentoru's normal shadow, but may be called back up again after a cooldown. Lasts 3 turns. 5 turn cooldown.(Switching places with clones both in shikai and bankai has a 2 turn cooldown)

Bankai: Kage ishi Jōshō::Shadows will rise::Shadow clone rises up and no longer has a turn limit or cooldown..if destroyed it simply rises back up. Shadow clone may also now use Kage Seigyo as well as Kido. Jentoru may also raise an imperfect clone(no abilities just stats) of an enemy.(And may switch positions with said imperfect clone..standard 3 turn and cooldown apply)

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