Khandra Kasumki
Race Vizard
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Professional Status
Affiliation 要素 Yōso
Attack 135
Defense 130
Reiatsu 135
Reiryoku 130
Speed 135
Zanjutsu 15
Hakuda 15
Hohō 15
Kidō 15


Name: Khandra Kasumki

Sex: Male

Height: 6'2"

Hair: Dark Blonde.

Eye Color: Golden brown

Affiliation要素 Yōso

Mask: Disfigured horns, with "sideburn" type spines coming down the side of his face, curling off into the contours of his face.


Looks Description: He wears a leather jacket and jeans, with goggles around his neck.

Reiryoku Color: Red

Personality: Being the leader of the siblings he is extremely calm and calculated, and confident in his own abilities.

Zanpakuto - NameEdit

Inner WorldEdit

Shikai - 悪戯火災悪魔 Akugi kasai akuma (Mischievous Fire Demon)Edit

Release: 火がつく Higatsuku (Ignite). It's a regular Zanpakuto that turns into a large mace-type weapon.

花火製造術 Hanabiseizō-jutsu (Pyrotechnics)Edit

When his mace comes in contact with an object it creates a miniature concussive explosion at the point of contact. These explosions may cause objects hit to combust (especially if organic). If he hits the ground he can create small craters in this way, which spark very small fires.

突発的な火事 - Toppatsu-tekina kaji (Flash Fire)Edit

He can control small fires near his vicinity, using a command he can cause such small flames to leap at a target and explode.

Bankai - 破壊火の悪魔 Hakai hi no akuma (Fire Demon of Destruction)Edit

'Bankai Ability - '火災生きている Kasai Ikite Iru (Living Fire)

He creates 10 large floating embers of fire that float around him. He can use these embers to create objects (such as flame daggers/arrows) or summon animals that act like Starrk's wolves. The flames made by these enhance Flash Fire's effect.

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