Maki Wakahisa
Gunsword Wielder
Race Soul
Birthday 21 April
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight 160 pounds
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Gotei 13
Position 4th seat
Previous Position Captain
Division 12
Previous Division N.A.
Partner Hana (lab assistant)

Shio (lab assistant)

Previous Partner Unknown 12th division lieutenant
Base of Operations 12th division barracks
Shikai Tori Kōjun
Reiryoku 7
Hakuda 2
Perks Resonating Aura,

Way of Shielding, Eishō Renku

Maki Wakahisa is the Squad 12 4th seat, and used to be the Squad 12 captain.


Looks Description: Wears a deep Kasa, has quite fine black hair and a beard with strands of grey in it. Normal shihakusho with a cobalt blue obi.

Hair: Fine curly black hair with hints of grey in it.

Eye Color: Yellow

Reiryoku Color: Yellow

Hobbys/Interests: He is interested in Alchemy; the science of transformation, and reading. He is also a programmer.

Zanpakuto - Tori KōjunEdit

Inner World: Yet to be released

Shikai: Tori Kōjun

Release: Disperse

A transmutation circle is put on his glove and his zanpakuto hilt, which is now a scimitar, so every other turn it can channel the wielders energy, in any form it's being used in like kinetic or thermal, to nullify the opponents attack, stopping it dead. The bigger the attack, the more energy that is needed.

Ability 1: TBA

Ability 2: TBA

Bankai - Yet to be re-awoken

Bankai Ability: N.A.


Pre-Gotei 13

History as a Shinigami:  About 430 years ago he used to be the Captain of Squad 12, but was banished for his projects involving the use of Alchemy to induce safe hollowfication.



Hankou: 6

Reiryoku: 7

Hakuda: 2

Seijuu: 12

Bukijuu: 6

Hoho: 3

2 points added: 8/6/2013 (6/8/2013 if you're American)

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