Miyuki Kohana
Race Shinigami
Birthday 14th April
Gender Female
Height 5'10
Weight 150lb
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Seireitei

Squad 6

Position 4th seat
Previous Position N/A
Division Division 6
Previous Division N/A
Partner Takeshi "Kamina" Eto
Previous Partner N/A
Base of Operations Division 6 Barracks
Shikai Tsuin Kusarigama
Bankai N/A
Attack 60 (70)
Health 1430 (1530)
Defence 30
Reiatsu 90 (100)
Reiryoku 50
Speed 50
Zanjutsu 10
Hakuda 1
Hohō 4
Kidō 15
Perks (Active)Spellblade

(Passive)Forceful Blows (Shinkai Passive)Dispersing Blade


Name: Miyuki Kohana 

Position: 4th Seat

Sex: Female

Height: 5'10

Weight: 150lb

Hair: Purple

Eye Color: Blue


Looks Description: Looks like Yuri from Angel beats

Reiryoku Color: Purple

Personality: Appears calm, if a little dim witted and clumsy, but she is surpisingly perceptive of events occuring around herself. 

With people she trust, she will normally act far more impulsive and playful.



NV-1 39/12







Points earned - 0

Can perform kido 1-48

Zanpakuto - Tsuin kusarigama Edit

Her Zanpakuto takes the form of two Tanto, each about 20cm in length.

Both of them have black cloth wrap around the hilt, also on the end of each hilt a couple of chain links hang down.

Inner WorldEdit

Her inner world takes the form of a bamboo forest at midnight , small stone laterns light up the forest.

Chains criss-cross the forest floor linking each of the lanterns together.

Zanpakuto SpiritEdit

Her Zanpakuto spirits are a male and female chained together around the waist, the chain symbolises the chain 


form in shinkai.

The female side (Kusari) of the spirit is calm and rational, willing to listen to any problem, this put her at odds with the male side (gama) who is brash and irrational, he would rather start a fight than listen to any problem, being chained  together can lead to some "minor" problems.

Kusari mostly controls the abilities concerning the chain were as Gama controls the scythe abilitie, this is why the two techniques cannot be combined as both spirit is at odds with each other.


When released her Zanpakuto takes the form of two hand scythes connected by a chain.

The lenght of the chain connecting the two scythes can be changed at will.

Tsubaki - Kusarigama

Release: Connect 

Ability 1 - Tsutaeru (transmit)Edit

When this ability is activated the chain becomes a great reiatsu conductor, how you release reiatsu down the chain determines the effect, if reiatsu was released similar to how a hado spell works, then it will cause damage to an opponent in contact with the chain, if reiatsu is released like a kaido technique, then the reiatsu will heal anybody who comes into contact with the chain.

But the problems with the technique are as follows:

  • The technique takes a lot of reiatsu to perform, so can only be performed once ever 5 - 10 turns (not sure on a concrete number yet)

  • Anybody within contact with the chain can send their own reiatsu down the chain as well

This only applies to the chain, not the blades.

Ability 2 - Fukikomu (infuse)Edit

Infusing the blades with reiatsu, this increases damage upon impact, but if the opponent is able make prolonged contact with the blade, they have the opportunity to disrupt the reiatsu in the blades, nullifying the technique.

This technique only affects the blades, not the chain plus this ability cannot be used at the same time as ability 1.

Because of the strain using this ability it also has a cooldown time (2-4 turns not sure)

Bankai - Reikokuna Tsuinchen Kama Edit

Bankai AbilityEdit



Pre-Gotei 13Edit

History as a ShinigamiEdit


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