The Seireitei First Responce Task Force is an 5-6 man squad created by Captain Haruki Kasai for the purpose of having a team of Shinigami that can effectively assess and combat threats faster than any dedicated movement from any one squad, however, the task force is not meant to take away duties from the Gotei 13 but is to be the first on the scene of possible threats and to help formulate possible follow up plans.

It is currently headed up by Yoshiko Nakahara.

Current MembersEdit

Role Name
Director Captain Haruki Kasai
Commander Yoshiko Nakahara
Kido Expert Shinya Tsubasa
Tactical Support Kimiko "Panda"
Medical Support Sonkai Mizumichi
Recon and General Support Pi Matsuo


Communication: A cloth meant to be worn over the mouth with a built in communication device. In addition to always supplying a constant connection the cloth cancels out and sound beyond it allowing for silent communication.


Operations pending.

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