Tsukine Kobayashi
Race Shinigami
Gender Female
Height 2'6"
Professional Status
Affiliation Seireitei
Partner Lorcian Kouyou (Mother)

Shin Kobayashi (Father)

Tsukine Kobayashi (Sister)

Shikai Hokkyoku hana (Arctic blossom)
Specialisation Tactition
Attack 20
Defence 20
Reiatsu 60
Zanjutsu 3
Hakuda 7
Hohō 5
Kidō 10


Name: Tsukine Kobayasho


Sex: Female

Height: 2'6"

Hair: Dark brown long.

Eye Color: Hazel


Looks Description: Sweet looking girl, always smiling.

Reiryoku Color: Light Blue

Personality:  Tsukine is a quiet girl, she stays close to her twin brother rarely leaving his side, doing everything together.

Zanpakuto - Hokkyoku hana (Arctic blossom)Edit


ReleaseSnow down Hokkyoku hanas

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